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Elitech Multi-Format Screens

There are so many projectors with multiple formats; the image format can be easily adjusted to 4:3 or 16:9 to fit your need. For example, you can adjust the projected image to 4:3 if you want to project your power point slices; you can use the same projector and adjust its image format to 16:9 to watch HD movies or TV program.  Most of the projector screens sold on the market right now, however, can only provide you one fixed image format, either 4:3, or 16:9, some brands also provide 16:10. If you want to use the projector for different image format, you would have to buy two or three different screens. There are few format changeable screens on the market, such as Da-lite’s Multi-Mask Imager Fixed Frame screens. The price of these screens, however, is quite expensive. (Start from $6500.00 MSRP for a 92” screen).

In order to meet your projector’s multiple format need, Elitech has manufactured Electric projector screens with multiple format function at much lower affordable price. Unlike most projector screens that can only use for the pre-fixed format, these screens have programmable remote control that can memorize a special lowering point set by you. After set up the specific lowering point, every time when you push the “down” button, the screen can automatically lower to that point and stop. With this function, you can pre-determine a specific lower point to make the screen become 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 format, depending on the screen’s maximum width and height.

The memory point can be easily erased and reset to a different lowering point. Thus, you can use one screen to meet your different image format need.

To set up the lowering point or erase the setting is as easy as touching buttons.  You may need to measure the lowering distance at the first setting, then just set back and operate the screen by pushing its “up” or “down” button as usual operation.

You can also use this memory function to let the screen memory a lowering point to avoid touching any objects that located at the lower part of the screen, such as a piece of furniture, a cabinet, etc.