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School and Church Program


Elitech has a special program for church and schools. Every year, we will list certain amount of products in a very special low price. These products are close out products, slitely damaged products or over stock products. These products will sell to all church or school customers who have established their identity and become the member of our Church/School group members.

These product’s special price can only be seen after you log in to your account. You can purchase these products at the special price only from your account. Non-members can not see nor purchase at this special price.

To become a certified member of our Church/School program, first complete the registration to establish your customer account, then send us a proof that you are an established church or school. We will then put your accout into our program. All items must be shipped to your church and school address. Only one member per church or per school is allowed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.